The Williamsport Symphony Orchestra Project


The first commercial explores the inner sanctum of the symphony's most
mysterious component, an inside look at the world of the conductor.

60 Second Version


"Everyone is welcome" is the idea of tailgating at the symphony.
Whether your an elite, regular Joe, or even a symphonic mosher.
The goal was to communicate this idea in an interesting and humorous way,
with the backdrop of a ritual that is not usually associated to the symphony.

30 Second Version
60 Second Version


Meet Robin Fountain, the conductor of the Williamsport Symphony Orchestra.

30 Second Version
60 Second Version


Davy Jones introduces Robin Fountain to the life of a celebrity.
In memory of Mark R. Steinbacher
May 21, 1963 - February 4, 2005

30 Second Version


Backstage with Chris Woodruff, 2nd Trumpet, Williamsport Symphony Orchestra.

30 Second Version

"The Audition"

Special thanks to our friend and colleague, Ben Jackendoff.

30 Second Version


An attempt to conquer the questions that arise
when marketing the Symphony to a new audience.

30 Second Version

"Opening Night"

A continuation of the Symphony's brand.
This story leaves an emotional imprint on the viewer.

30 Second Version


An homage to masters of music.

30 Second Version


Fall in love again.

30 Second Version