About Us

Steve Morrison
Carlos Saldivia
Melinda Saldivia
Executive Producers

Graphic Artist

Our “About Us” is all about you.

Our company name is First Contact. The first contact you make with people sets the tone for the relationship, mainly because people’s initial response reveals much of their personal and business philosophy, so that contact had better be—remarkable. The world is suffering from overcapacity. There are tens of hundreds of thousands of people that can do logos, create message development, produce commercials, and create websites—and yes, that includes an ever growing number of people that can do it for themselves—which might include you.

Therefore, we are not interested in building this space with clever writing that builds our image because your image is what matters to us. You are not interested in hearing why we are great, you are interested in hearing how we can distinguish you and show the world why you are great.

Our mission is to use the power of “story” to create customer involvement and dialogue. Why?—because stories go deeper and resonate with people. They also create an opportunity for stronger communication and instant rapport and dialogue. This is the atmosphere where we add significant value.

We are small and we want to stay small. Why? We have succeeded being small--it has given us the luxury to consistently re-invent ourselves as the needs of the customers change with the marketplace--we can fully focus on you. This also allows us to execute and react faster to those changes.

Our aim is to leave the world a better place. With effective execution and original concepts, you will be profitable and at the same time you will become our best brochure. Please feel free to give your comments, catcalls, criticisms, outrage, and vitriol, so we can continue to refine our work.

What We Do

The signature of our Graphic Arts, Film/Video, and Marketing work is using storytelling as a controlling strategy along with a focused desire to spread hope, opportunity, and inspiration.

(We enforce this belief to the point that we decline work which we cannot affect with these values)